I was born and raised in the high desert country of northwestern Colorado. Mine was a privileged childhood spent outdoors camping, hiking, riding horses and running free in the wild. Such an environment inspired creativity, and anytime inside was time spent reading or drawing. From a very young age I loved to draw, and received a great deal of positive encouragement from teachers and family. 

After high school I attended Colorado State University and graduated with a bachelors degree in Art. My passion for art was honed with real skills and knowledge in fine art, and I've been putting them to use ever since. After graduation, I worked my way all over the Rocky Mountains as a dude wrangler, cowboy, wilderness guide, horse packer, and occasionally as an artist. 

Years of rambling led me to a wonderful wife and to settle down, more or less, in Durango, Colorado. Here, in our little basecamp of a home we set out on hiking, camping, and climbing adventures as often as we possibly can. All these adventures, all this time spend in the wilderness inspires my artwork, and I hope my deep love of nature and wildness shows through in my illustration.

My original artwork has been crafted for private companies, grass roots environmental campaigns, been shown in galleries, and purchased by private collectors. I hope that my passion for outdoor adventure and art can continue to inspire others to get outside, to play, to use their imaginations, and to protect these precious places we all love.

I like to think of myself not as old-fashioned or just traditional, but as someone who has a strong interest in the roots of the outdoor adventure world. I am fascinated by old explorers, mountaineers, and those daring trailblazers who, armed with wool and leather garments, braved the harsh elements and faced the unknown. It's in this tradition where my style draws most of it's inspiration. I draw everything by hand, and while it takes a little more time, it makes every project unique, infused with a timeless human quality that I think creates a bond between what we're doing now with those who once tread lightly on the trails before us.

Thank you kindly for your time and your interest.

Ever Yours

Christian Storey